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I recently showed my friend how to save $140 on a Tamiflu prescription using the FREE GoodRX app. How to use Good RX coupons to save money on prescriptions.

Some people swear by Airborne cold remedy to help fight colds. But some of the ingredients found in the Airborne supplement are risky because of the possibility of overdosing on Vitamin A, which can be fatal if too much is taken -- here's the scoop.

Flu Shot

It's not just people with compromised immune systems that are dying from the flu. See all of the ways the flu can kill an otherwise healthy person. Before you get a flu shot, here's what you need to know - who should & shouldn't get it, popular flu shot myths, flu shot side effects, and where to get cheap flu shots!

What do you mean there's no cure for the shingles virus? Sadly, this is true. But there are many shingles treatment options & home remedies for shingles to make the pain more bearable.

Like I was, you may be unfamiliar with the causes of PTSD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms. Many people suffer in silence. You don't have to anymore.

Trouble sleeping? See how I've learned to fall asleep fast, despite having insomnia for years. Treating insomnia yourself is easy - once you see what causes insomnia!

What to expect after thyroid surgery - My thyroid surgery recovery story, my thyroid scar photos, my own tips to shorten your thyroid surgery recovery time.

Wondering about Vitamin C overdose? How much is too much Vitamin C? Here's the Vitamin C dosage info + The signs and symptoms of taking high doses of Vitamin C.

How do you choose the right addiction treatment? Consider the abused substance, length of time of abuse, legal issues, and other factors before deciding which addiction treatment center is right for you.