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I recently had to get a tetanus shot... even as a healthy adult! Here's why you would need to get a tetanus vaccine, what it's like, and symptoms of lockjaw

Have you seen a Prop 65 warning label on products? I don't live anywhere NEAR California and I've seen a slew of them! Here's what the Proposition 65 warning means.

I had severe endometriosis & 2 ovarian cysts removed via laparoscopic surgery. My experience with endometriosis pain + My laparoscopy endometriosis pictures.

I recently had a diagnostic 3D mammogram after having a traditional mammogram. Here's what I learned about who should consider having 3D breast imaging done & what to expect.

Have a tick bite? I did - but I had no idea what signs of Lyme Disease to look for. Here's everything I've learned after my Lyme Disease diagnosis. And how I'm treating it now.

I spent the night at a Sleep Center as part of a sleep study to see if I have sleep apnea. See what my sleep test was like, plus my tips to help you prepare for a sleep study test. Things I wish I'd known beforehand!

My husband has melanoma skin cancer. Here's what we've learned firsthand about melanoma treatment + His skin cancer photos (before the melanoma diagnosis and after the biopsy).

Got neck pain? My favorite thing about going to a chiropractor is the neck adjustment (neck twist). Then I heard about the dangers of neck manipulation. What I've learned...

If you've ever suffered from clogged ears, you know uncomfortable it can be. Here's how to clear a clogged ear naturally yourself without going to a doctor.