This Garlic & Honey Cold Remedy Is How My Family Avoids Getting Sick, Naturally

My husband and I rarely get sick with a cold or flu anymore. We think it’s because we use this garlic & honey cold remedy any time we start to feel under the weather. (And no, we do not get flu shots.) Do you know about the health benefits of garlic? Garlic is a natural antibiotic and a smart alternative that kills only the bad bacteria while preserving the good bacteria in your body! This garlic & honey cold remedy works as an immune defense home remedy that strengthens your body from within!

Some people swear by Airborne cold remedy to help fight colds, but does it work?… Is it safe? Because of my own experiences with some of the ingredients found in Airborne cold medicine, I’m confident that it probably does, at the very least, reduce the duration of a cold. Not too fast though… because of the possibility of overdosing on certain ingredients — such as Vitamin A, which can be fatal if too much is taken — I think it’s important to be smart about using the airborne supplement.

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Got Gephyrophobia? Some Helpful Tips From A Former Phobic For Getting Over Your Fear Of Bridges

Scared of crossing bridges — either in a car or on foot? You may have Gephyrophobia. I had a similar fear and overcame it on my own without professional help. See how I did it… maybe these same tips will help you get over your bridge phobia too!! These are very simple things you can do to gradually minimize your fear of bridges.

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