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How To Save Money On Prescription Drugs Using The FREE GoodRX App (A Review Of My Experience)

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By Candida

GoodRX App Review

My friend didn’t know about the GoodRX app — and she was really upset when she learned that she could’ve saved $140 on a recent prescription of Tamiflu for her daughter.

So I thought there may be others who don’t know about it either.

Following is my GoodRX app review. It’s based on my own experiences after using the app for about 4 years now.

I will show you how you can save money on prescription medicine immediately, simply by using the FREE GoodRX app to take advantage of GoodRX coupons and prices.

A Little-Known Secret

The cost of healthcare and prescription drugs these days is ridiculous. Here’s why.

I have no idea how the average American family can even afford health insurance coverage — not to mention pay for their prescription medications.

When you use a prescription discount card — or an app like GoodRX — it becomes painfully obvious that prescription drug prices are not regulated.

Most people don’t realize that prescription prices can fluctuate quite drastically between pharmacies — even pharmacies within a few miles of each other.

And many people don’t bother to shop around and compare prescription prices at different pharmacies — because they simply don’t realize that they could save so much money!

But I’m here to tell you that by using the GoodRX app, you can honestly save as much as 80% on your prescriptions. 

We now use the GoodRX app to find prescription discounts every single time we buy medications at a pharmacy.

By the way, having health insurance doesn’t really help, because insurance companies have their own “different” billing prices — which puts them in a category of absurdity all their own. These days, health insurance companies pass 25% to 80% of the cost of drugs onto the insured consumer, magnifying what a Frankenstein the healthcare system has become!

My Experience Using The GoodRX App For Prescription Discounts

My husband makes a decent income — but we can’t afford the healthcare plan offered through his work.

Affordable healthcare is an issue for many families... including us. See how we use GoodRX coupons to get prescription discounts.

Instead of having health insurance, we have Medi-Share — which is a medical cost-sharing plan. It’s in place to cover anything over our $10,000 annual deductible.

Although we pay a monthly fee, we really don’t have health insurance — since everything is out-of-pocket until our $10,000 deductible is met for the year. And we have to save money any way we can — so there doesn’t end up being too much month at the end of the money.

Unfortunately, my husband’s health has not been good this last year — he has been trying to sort out his high blood pressure and migraine issues. Just recently, he was also facing some other serious ailments due to stress and the constant experimentation of blood pressure medication, in an attempt to get him feeling good again.

Let’s just say… we have spent a lot of money on prescription drugs in the last year. But we have saved immensely since we discovered GoodRX.

This one prescription discount app alone has literally saved us hundreds of dollars!

How Does The GoodRX App Work?

The GoodRX app is free to download and use. And… you don’t have to provide any personal information to use the app.

You simply download the app, search for a prescription drug, and start saving money immediately! There are no hoops to jump through, and there’s no “catch”.

GoodRx does all of the comparison price shopping for you.


Simply enter the name of a medication into the search bar. Then, select the dosage & quantity from the dropdown menus. And the app goes to work gathering local pharmacy prices and available discounts for your specific medication.

From there, you can choose the pharmacy with the lowest price for that particular prescription.

Walk through an actual example to see how GoodRX works:

5 Things I Like Best About GoodRX

These are some of features that I think are the most unique and I like best about the GoodRX app:

TIP: While not required, you can request a GoodRX card for free if you like. That way, whenever you show the card to any pharmacist, they will look up a particular drug for you, and honor the GoodRX price for their specific store.

  1. The app has a location feature — so it will calculate the distance of each pharmacy, along with their current price for the drug you’ve searched for.

    This is a handy tool to help calculate and weigh out the savings versus the distance and travel time.

    My husband and I have literally driven around town to 3 different pharmacies for 3 separate prescriptions — because the savings difference was in the double digits for each prescription! We had the time, so it was worth it for us to save close to $100 that day. And the end result was… we now had an extra $100 in our wallet to use for other things!
  2. GoodRx coupons will definitely save you money. In most cases, you will pay less than the pharmacy’s cash price for your medication.

    Using a GoodRX discount is just like using a paper coupon — but it’s on your phone. (You can also print out the GoodRX coupon from your computer or phone if you wish, but it’s absolutely not necessary.)

    Once you find the coupon code of your medication at a specific pharmacy, you simply show that coupon to the pharmacist using one of these 3 methods:
    • Send the coupon to yourself via email or text (so you don’t have to actually use the app in the store).
    • Take a screenshot of the coupon and show that to the pharmacist
    • Open the GoodRX app on your phone and show the pharmacist the coupon code.

      These GoodRX coupons are free to use, and they’re accepted at thousands of pharmacies across the USA.

      Trust me, all pharmacists are familiar with the GoodRX app — and they know how to enter the numbers on the coupon to apply the discount and pass the savings onto you.
  3. If you have health insurance, you’ll probably find that the GoodRX price is better than your insurance co-pay price.

    Like our Medi-Share health plan, most insurance plans have super high deductibles and/or won’t cover medications.

    If you find a lower price than your insurance co-pay, just use the GoodRX discount instead of your prescription insurance.

    Here’s more about using GoodRX with your insurance.
  4. I just recently learned that you can even get flea, tick, and heartworm meds for your pets at a discount using the GoodRX app!

    And if your pet happens to take other medications, you can save up to 80% using the regular GoodRX app for your pets, as well.

    Here’s a list of all the pet medications you can use GoodRX with.
  5. GoodRX also has a premium “gold” membership — which unlocks even further discounts (up to 90% off instead of 80%). Plus other nice benefits:
    • Gold membership includes free home delivery of your prescriptions.
    • Gold members get online physician consultations for less than $20 apiece — which is helpful if you need a prescription but can’t get to a doctor.

      The GoodRX Gold program requires a monthly subscription. You can choose an Individual plan for just one person, or a Family plan for up to 5 people (which can even include friends and pets). There’s a free 30-day trial, so you can try it out first to determine if it’s something that makes sense for you.

Before You Use The GoodRX App…

I’ve got one more tip for using the GoodRX app!

If your doctor is going to have your prescription sent to a pharmacy, you should first look up the medication in the GoodRX app to find the BEST price ahead of time — while you’re still at the doctor’s office.

That way, you can tell your doctor which pharmacy to send it to (because it may be different than your preferred pharmacy that they already have on file for you).

Also, even if you forgot (or didn’t have time) to find the lowest GoodRX price ahead of time… it’s okay. You can still use the GoodRX coupons when you pick up your prescription.

One time we had to have a prescription forwarded to Walmart via Telehealth MD Live (a free service provided Medi-Share) — so I didn’t have the option to shop around or choose our preferred pharmacy. When I went to pick up the prescription for my husband who was very ill, they literally knocked off a little over $100 from the cash price after I gave them the GoodRX coupon code at the register!

A pharmacist’s explanation of how GoodRX works:

The Bottom Line

This app has been a real money-saver for our family — especially with the unexpected increase in the number of prescriptions we’ve had in our household over the last year.

I love that GoodRX is free and extremely simple to use.

Plus, there are no gimmicks and you don’t have to sign up with any personal information to save money using the GoodRX app.

I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on how the GoodRX app works and make more people aware of this wonderful money-saving app for discount prescriptions.

If you haven’t used GoodRX yet, I encourage you to check it out and take advantage of the savings. (You can also go to to look up prescription drugs and get coupon codes there as well.)

Wishing you and your family health and prosperity!