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Dog walking is better than dieting. Here's proof! Results from several dog walking research studies + How much you need to walk your dog to lose weight.

Laughter is the best therapy - seriously. If you're looking to get a little laughter therapy in your life, you should take improv comedy classes like I did! At first I felt WAY out of my comfort zone, but the health benefits I gained and continue to enjoy are the reasons I'm glad I took an improv class! Here's what it's like.

Yoga in bed?! ...Why not? It’s no secret that regular exercise is an important part of a happy and healthy life. And if you relax while exercising, that’s even better for your well-being! Yoga gives you the best of both worlds. See how to do yoga in bed... 5 easy yoga exercises to do in your bed at home or in a hotel when you travel.

Thinking of getting a Fitbit activity tracker? I got a Fitbit Flex tracker! My Fitbit Flex review with Fitbit benefits & tips for using Fitbit without a phone.

Even though it might seem like an impossible feat, getting the entire family involved in fun exercises is a great way to encourage kids fitness. Be creative and be sure to join in on the fun -- the kids will thank you for it!

Can you do yoga stretches instead of exercising? Yes! A yoga teacher shares the top 5 benefits of yoga over regular exercise. Just breathe deeply & stretch fully in all yoga poses.

Here's how to meditate anywhere - indoors or outdoors, alone or with others. A yoga & meditation expert shares 4 ways to meditate wherever you are!

Need to change up your gym routine? Outside workouts can enhance your fitness goals - because you can take advantage of outdoor fitness opportunities virtually anywhere! Spice up your workouts with these outdoor gym ideas on the beach, at the park, in the water, on the court.

What is a Zumba workout? Zumba fitness combines Latin inspired dance routines, interval, and resistance training. Find Zumba classes near you. Online Zumba videos for your first workout!