Not Into Meditation? Here Are 4 Fun Ways To Get The Same Benefits As Meditating… Learn How To Meditate Anywhere!

by Meera

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Do you wish there were easier ways to meditate? I’m going to show you how to meditate anywhere!

I like to feel relaxed after stressful days and get inside my head from time to time — but I don’t feel comfortable with some of the spiritual aspects of meditation.

I can’t sit on the floor for hours on end trying to explore what’s going on with me. It’s almost like I’m a subconscious spiritualist and like to go against the grain of what meditation should be.

That’s why I started being mindful in other situations that don’t include the traditional methods of meditation.

biking is one of the many fun ways to meditate when you're alone

If you’re into the benefits that meditation offers but really don’t feel comfortable with the other spiritual aspects of the discipline, you might find these tips helpful.

The benefits you receive are just the same as traditional meditation without the intimidating factors.


Benefits Of Meditation

Tiny benches, stringent practices, and vocabulary you don’t understand just might deter you from benefits like:

  • Better heart health
  • An increase in positivity which can create great change in your life
  • Waking up your ability to feel love and compassion
  • The ability to think more clearly
  • Better sleeping patterns
  • Whole brain functioning which means you work more efficiently
  • You’ll feel less stress

So how can you achieve those benefits without the act of meditation?

You may just be surprised at the answers!

learn how to meditate anywhere you happen to be

Here are 4 ways to mediate wherever you are:


#1 – Take In The Beauty Of Nature

Whenever I visit tropical locations (like the beautiful area of Goa in India), one of the highlights of the day is watching the sun go down. The stunning hues of orange and red turning to a pink and purple sky brings an overwhelming peace into my soul.

There are many people on the beach, but everyone just quiets down as the sun dips down.

It seems like people — including myself — naturally reflect on the day and celebrate another day of being alive and experiencing life.

explore nature - fun ways to meditate anywhere you are

It’s easy to “be” when you sit and watch ocean waves crash or take in a sunset without thinking of much else but the moment. That is a meditative state without struggle, and you have the same benefits you would have by sitting in silence cross-legged!

As you sit amongst the beauty of an experience like watching the sun drop, you experience the similar feeling of falling in love. You are paying attention and breathing in differently.

Just as you merge with your chosen object (the sun, sea, trees etc.), you experience the same type of merging experience that goes along with meditation.


#2 – Sit By A Campfire

If you have the space for a fire pit in your backyard, consider digging a hole and surrounding the space with rocks.

I didn’t have that luxury, so I got a gas fireplace for my balcony.

There’s just something about a fire that allows us to relax. As you stare at the flames, you enter a hypnotic like state. A campfire can have a very powerful meditative effect. Crackling wood, the roaring sound as the fire uses the woods energy to make itself greater.

staring at a campfire is one of the many ways to meditate outdoors

My personal experience has been that looking into a fire gives me the effects of purification.

It doesn’t seem difficult to stay fixed on the fire — unless, of course, smoke gets in your eyes. If you do lose focus on the fire, pay attention to that as well. In meditation practice, there is no judgement on the experience. Whatever is happening can be paid attention to — even those thoughts that come up can be investigated.

This is a perfect time to reflect on your inner self and life experience. When you look into a fire, you’re less likely to beat yourself up for not remaining totally focused.

With less pressure to “perform” than if you were meditating specifically, it can be a lot more effective.


#3 – Play In The Garden

Today, a lot of people are living in apartment buildings — which has prompted companies to come up with ways that even the smallest spaces can have a garden.

Gardening is good for the soul — because you focus on something nature-based, get your hands a bit dirty, and give something life. To nurture something and give it love is part of ancient philosophy of meditation.

From pulling weeds to nurturing your little glass of broccoli sprouts, you will find the pastime of gardening rewarding and fulfilling.

Learn how to meditate while gardening

A little practice you can incorporate is to really pay attention to what you’re doing. As you dig up soil, rinse sprouts, or prune a little, do so with intention of caring for the plant. If it feels comfortable for you, you can thank the plant for providing you with health or the gift of something beautiful.

Incorporate gratitude into your non-traditional meditation practice.


#4 – Move Around

When you do your daily exercise, do so with intention. This will help prevent injuries from sports that you do.

For example, when you run, focus on your breathing and how your body is supporting your legs. When you focus, you force the core to prevent back injuries. When you focus on breathing, you are less likely to run out of breath while supporting the heart and lungs.

Even walking can be a form of meditation and in fact, monks that live in monasteries have a daily walking meditation.

walking and jogging are both fun ways to meditate

You can focus on what surrounds you, your breathing, and just putting one foot in front of the other. When you pay enough attention, you can feel your muscles working which can bring forth a feeling a strength within you. Take a walk in the middle of your workday and let this practice rejuvenate you.

Dancing like nobody is watching is not some cliché piece of advice either. When I dance, it’s always heavy house electronic music and it makes me feel so good. Immersing yourself in your favorite song as you dance — with your hands up and your eyes closed — is the fastest form of feeling good I can think of.

Meditation means not allowing the inner voice to dictate your feelings and dancing your heart out often shuts out the negative voices.

Meditation can literally be used in any of your favorite activities. Fishing, taking a shower, bicycling, eating, and swimming are just a few more general examples of ways to meditate — and proof that you can mediate anywhere.

Yoga is not only a good stretch but can be collaborated well with mindfulness and meditation. As you shut out your inner voice and experience moments that are in front of you, you are reaping the wonderful benefits of meditation on your own terms!