Yoga In Bed Workout: 5 Easy Yoga Exercises You Can Do In Bed

Yoga in bed?! …Why not? It’s no secret that regular exercise is an important part of a happy and healthy life. And if you relax while exercising, that’s even better for your well-being! Yoga gives you the best of both worlds. See how to do yoga in bed… 5 easy yoga exercises you can do in your bed at home or in a hotel when you travel.

Printed Yoga Mats – Personalized With Your Own Photo

My goal is to stage a fun, beachy photo just for use on this printed yoga mat. Mine will have ‘writing in the sand’ and a barefoot photo taken on one of our favorite beaches. What will your photo yoga mat have on it?

Your Birth Age vs Your Health Age

Sometimes we feel older than we are. Sometimes there are pre-existing health circumstances that play a role in when, why, and how we will die. Check out the good news & bad news… here.

Yoga For Weight Loss… It’s Working For Me!

Every time I do a bit of Yoga, I wind up a tad sore — in a good way — the next day. That tells me, I don’t do Yoga ENOUGH, but that’s beside the point. Truth is, every single time I do it, I feel SOOOOooooo completely refreshed, limber, healthy, and rejuvenated. I love Yoga.