Your Birth Age vs Your Health Age

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Kim Komando turned me onto the Health Age Calculator — an online tool that helps you determine how “in” or “out”-of-line your Health Age is with your True Age.

It takes into consideration your responses to a number of personal and family-history related questions. Don’t worry, it doesn’t pry too much (which also means it’s less reliable than say, your doctor!), but it’s enough to give you a general idea as to the direction you and your body are headed in, and roughly how long you can expect to live at this rate.

Kim said: “You already know that diet and exercise affect your life expectancy. But this test incorporates other things, like psychological issues and risk taking. And if you don’t like the results, it can help you decide what to change.”

It’s too cooooool! I did it, and here’s what I found out…


What The Health Age Calculator Says
I think my calculator needs a new set of batteries.

Turns out, I’m 39, but my body thinks I’m 41. (Sadly, I would agree with that. These past 2 years, gravity found me in more ways than one!)

According to the Health Age Calculator, at this rate if all else stays constant, I’m likely to cut 2 years off the “typical life expectancy” of 75 (for me) and only live to age 73.

Now, that’s not cool!

Get Motivated To Make A Change
Okay, so gravity came knocking this past year, but I’m not answering the door anymore.

So, I say: Hello feet!… Nice to see you again… Here’s to me & you and our renewed relationship together… I’d like to introduce you to my new friend “Walking”… And I’m sure we’ll all get along really well with “Yoga“.

And Abby: Get those happy feet ready!
Skating?… bring it on!

Make It Count
Cheers to the millions of Americans striving to live a healthier, more active lifestyle!

If it takes something like the Health Age Calculator to give you that little nudge to make a change, then more power to you.

You’ve gotta take the time today to live your life to the fullest… It’s the only one you’ve got!

What I Learned Today:
The Health Age Calculator even works if you skip questions that you don’t know the answers to!

…Of course, this means that the results are that much less accurate, but still generally helpful and interesting nonetheless.


Ways To Improve Your Health Age






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