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Yoga For Weight Loss… It’s Working For Me!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to incorporate some Yoga fitness routines into my daily life — in lieu of watching television these past 2 weeks.

Doing bikram hot yoga is great for weight loss.

How have I done?…

Pretty good!

But I truly believe that YOGA stands for “You Only Get Achy.”

Yoga Burns Fat book by Jan Maddern.I’m telling you… every time I do a bit of Yoga, I wind up a tad sore (in a good way) the next day. That tells me, I don’t do Yoga enough, but that’s beside the point.

Truth is, every single time I do it, I feel SOOOOooooo completely refreshed, limber, healthy, and rejuvenated. I love Yoga.

It’s not the least bit “hard” to do, cuz you simply do each move to the best of your ability.

Yoga for Weight Loss book. These past 2 weeks, in place of television, I’ve been squeezing the Yoga moves into my schedule 3 nights a week. I bought two inexpensive books at the bookstore: “Yoga for Weight Loss” and “Yoga Burns Fat“. And I’ve been progressing through the pages adding a new move or two to my routine. These books are both for beginners, so they’re very easy to follow along.

But now I’d like to do more. I’ve progressed (believe it or not) beyond the very, very basics and I’m ready to start getting into the more active Yoga by following along with a tape I made.

The Oxygen channel airs a program called “Inhale” every morning — very early — like 5am here.

Months earlier, I had recorded several of these programs (pausing at the commercials to keep it more like a workout tape) and made my own Yoga workout tape. These guys are long-time Yoga fanatics, but they struggle with some of the simple moves too, and it’s not hard to keep up with them at all. Like I said, you just do everything to the best of YOUR ability, and all is good. You get a workout based on your fitness level.

And trust me, Yoga IS a workout. (For the terminally out of shape, at least!) I’m still not up to doing the entire hour-long program with them (which on tape, without commercials, is about 40 minutes).

While it’s not a workout routine that’s specifically regarded as a means of losing weight, it has its benefits in that arena. Here’s a great forum where people are discussing the effectiveness of yoga for weight loss.

Laughter Yoga

Have you heard of Laughter Yoga? As an example, check out Laughing Laura who is passionate about laughter… and yoga!

…and did I mention that I’ve been taking the stairs rather than the elevator ever since I started this whole thing? I work in a building full of elevators, too, so that’s been a very minor workout in itself!