Experts Say These Are The Best Online Health & Medical Sites

by Lynnette

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According to Consumer Reports (September 2005), “studies conducted up until 2002 found that from 20% to 90% of health information on the Internet was incomplete or inaccurate. Experts say there’s no reason to think that’s changed much.”

According to doctors, here are the best health websites.

Such is why the following list of health & medicine websites is so valuable.


These sites rise above the rest.

Each is well-respected for the quality and quantity of the information they provide pertaining to health and medicine.


  • The breadth and depth of information found on these sites ranges from “very good” to “excellent”.
  • The reliability and quality of the information itself featured on each of these sites rates from “very good” to “excellent”.
  • Each site features minimal or no paid advertising.

“Excellent” Health & Medicine Websites

Among other things, those sites rated as “excellent” got extremely high marks for their diligent clarification of false or misleading information (…except for which rated fair in this one area):


“Very Good” Health & Medicine Websites

Among other good and bad things, those sites rated “very good” fell short in their diligent clarification of false or misleading information:

Best Online Forum Or Message Board

One other site, (a message board/forum) rated “Good” for its average to above-average ratings.

The one thing that stands out about is their diligent clarification of false or misleading information. For a message board, that’s pretty amazing, so if you’re looking for a place to post questions and read about others’ firsthand experiences, this might be the best health forum around.

Other Great Health Sites

In addition to Consumer Reports, another site that’s keeping a watchful eye on health-related websites is Consumer Health WebWatch.

They rate “the top 20 most-trafficked health information sites on the Web, according to Nielsen/NetRatings data”. (Source)

The intent is to help you determine whether the top, most popular sites are necessarily the best when it comes the the quality and reliability of the health information they provide.