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CT Scan

What Is A CT Scan? Does A CAT Scan Hurt? Is It Dangerous? What’s Different About A CT Scan With Contrast?

Getting a CAT scan soon? Nervous? Don't know what to expect? I recently had my first CT scan with contrast. See what it was like, the difference between MRI and CT scan, what CT scan prep is like, and how long a CAT scan takes. I attempt to answer all your questions about CT scans -- so you'll have a better idea of what to expect when you have your first CAT scan!

What A Sleep Study Is Like: Things I Wish I Knew Before My Sleep Test

Have sleep problems? Me too. I recently spent the night at a Sleep Center to participate in a sleep study to see if I might have obstructive sleep apnea. Here's what my sleep test was like (with sleep study pictures), plus some of my best tips to help you prepare for your own sleep study test. See what I wish I'd known before staying in a sleep study room and being attached to all of those sleep study wires!