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High Blood Pressure Diet Tips + 5 High Blood Pressure Foods To Avoid

High blood pressure isn’t something to mess around with.

It can be hard to keep under control — especially since some foods will raise your blood pressure without you even realizing it.

high blood pressure diet test

If you’re diagnosed with high blood pressure, follow your doctor’s instructions (including taking any medications prescribed) and try to cut down on foods that contain high amounts of salt.

Sodium (salt) is one of the worst things imaginable for high blood pressure — because it raises it even higher. Even with medication, if you suffer from hypertension, you should definitely consider avoiding these high blood pressure foods and others like them.


High Blood Pressure Diet Tips

Whether you already suffer from hypertension or not, it’s a good idea to avoid these foods as much as possible. The less of them you have in your daily diet plan, the better off you’ll be.

The DASH Diet plan is a good place to start. You can significantly reduce your risk of high blood pressure.

If you’re wondering if you have high blood pressure, you should monitor your blood pressure to find out if your number falls within a normal range.

Here are the top 5 high blood pressure foods to avoid:


#1 – Processed Meats

Processed meats are already an unhealthy food choice because they all contain extremely high amounts of salt — which is used for preservation.

high blood pressure diet processed meats

A single serving contains almost all of your recommended daily sodium allowance in just one serving.


#2 – Frozen Pizzas

Frozen pizza is a deliciously tempting snack, but it’s one that should probably be avoided if your blood pressure is high.

high blood pressure diet frozen pizza

The sauce and the cheese already have too much salt, and the addition of processed meats brings your total sodium intake to somewhere around 2,400 mg — well over the recommended daily amount of only 1,500 mg of salt.


#3 – Chinese Foods

Although quite delicious, Chinese take-out food isn’t good if you have high blood pressure.

high blood pressure diet chinese food

It’s not the food alone that’s the problem, but it’s the sauces. Soy sauce or teriyaki sauce contain about 1,000 mg of sodium per tablespoon. If you must eat Chinese, order the sauce on the side and don’t eat too much of it.


#4 – Soft Drinks

Sugar may be a surprising food to avoid, but research shows that sugar contributes to higher blood pressure levels.

high blood pressure diet soda

One way to cut back on your sugar intake is to avoid sugar-laden beverages such as sweet tea and soft drinks — which are also high in sodium.


#5 – Coffee

Your morning cup of wake-me-up may get you ready for your day — but not for your healthy future.

high blood pressure diet coffee

It contains caffeine, which also raises blood pressure.  So while you’re avoiding coffee, be sure to avoid other caffeinated beverages as well.


Here’s a great summary of what to eat and what to avoid when you’re following a high blood pressure diet.

High blood pressure may not often be discussed, but it’s most definitely something to be wary of. Your best course of action is to regularly have your blood pressure monitored by a doctor — and stay away from sodium-rich foods.


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