Health Benefits Of Blackstrap Molasses

by Lynnette

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Blackstrap molasses is a health food which seems to get little attention.


You don’t have to look very hard to find a magazine article touting the wonders of green tea or apple cider vinegar.  The same cannot be said for blackstrap molasses.

Yet, while it may not be very popular, it holds its own as a valuable source of nutrition!

Here’s more about the health benefits of blackstrap molasses…


Regular Molasses vs Blackstrap Molasses

Molasses, of any variety, is a by-product of sugar refinement.

The juice from sugar cane is boiled to form sucrose crystals, or sugar.  Molasses is the thick syrup which is left behind.

Molasses provides a sweetener that is safe for most glucose or blood sugar level issues and has several naturally available minerals. It has been used to help remedy many unhealthy conditions.  Source

When the sugar is boiled once or twice, the liquid that remains is regular molasses.  With the third boiling, it becomes blackstrap molasses.

Here’s a summary of the 3 major types of molasses:

Unsulphured molasses – the finest quality. It’s made from the juice of sun-ripened sugar cane and the juice is clarified and concentrated.

Sulphured molasses – made from green sugar cane that has not matured long enough. It’s treated with sulphur fumes during the sugar extracting process. Molasses from the first boiling is the finest grade because only a small amount of sugar has been removed. The second boil molasses takes on a darker color, is less sweet and has a more pronounced flavor.

Blackstrap molasses – made from the third boil and only has a commercial value in the manufacture of cattle feed and other industrial uses.


Health Benefits of Blackstrap Molasses

Though most of the sweetness is removed with the sugar, the precious nutrients from the sugar cane are concentrated in the blackstrap.

A single tablespoon of the blackstrap molasses contains up to 20% of the recommended daily amounts of:

  • iron
  • calcium
  • magnesium
  • potassium

Blackstrap molasses is also a good source of:

  • manganese
  • chromium
  • copper
  • selenium
  • protein
  • B vitamins

With ZERO FAT, blackstrap molasses deserves to rank as a whole food that has a great deal of healing potential.  Source


Most Important Health Benefits

There are several health advantages to the consumption of blackstrap molasses.  A few of them are discussed at length below.

Blackstrap molasses appears to be making headlines as one of the best home remedies around! We have emails from our readers about blackstrap molasses curing cancerous tumors, fibroid tumors, anxiety, constipation, edema, heart palpitations, anemia, arthritic pain, joint pain, and acne, just to name a few. It has also been reported that molasses turns gray hair back to its original color and is a wonderful skin softener!  Source



Because it is rich in iron, blackstrap molasses is excellent for people suffering from iron deficiency. Iron is important because it aids in the production of red blood cells.

It also helps to boost energy levels and metabolism.

Vegetarians, vegans, and pregnant or menstruating women are among those who can benefit from taking blackstrap molasses — since they may be at a greater risk for not getting enough iron.

Iron in blackstrap molasses can also help to replenish the blood supply in people who have experienced blood loss.



The calcium contained in blackstrap molasses is a vital nutrient as well.

Many North Americans do not get the recommended daily intake of this mineral in their daily diets.

Calcium helps to build and maintain strong bones and teeth.



The magnesium in blackstrap molasses is also important in the maintenance of healthy bones.

It aids in the absorption of other minerals as well.

Furthermore, magnesium helps cells to produce energy.



Blackstrap molasses is a good source of manganese and copper, both of which work to eliminate free radicals from cells.

This can help to prevent the development of cancers.

Copper also promotes the production of melanin.

Melanin is a pigment for hair and skin.

It is believed that taking a regular dose of blackstrap molasses can stave off the onset of gray hair, thanks to its role in strengthening the blood and kidneys. (Your hair reflects the quality of blood and the strength of the kidneys.)  Some even claim that prolonged use can restore color to hair which has already become gray or white.



Another benefit of blackstrap molasses is its chromium content.

Chromium helps to regulate blood sugar levels.

Blackstrap molasses has a low glycemic index, making it safe — and even beneficial — for most diabetics to use in moderation.

Of course, people suffering from diabetes should consult a physician before beginning to use blackstrap molasses.


Where To Find Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses can be purchased at many grocery stores and health food stores.


It is important to note that, for optimal health, you should look for organic, unsulphured molasses.

One or 2 tablespoons a day is the recommended dosage for those who wish to reap the nutritional advantages of this amazing syrup.

While some people may not find the viscous liquid particularly delicious, it certainly isn’t horrible, either.  For many, the flavor becomes more enjoyable after they have grown accustomed to it.

Blackstrap molasses can be consumed in many ways.  Some choose to take it straight from a tablespoon, while others prefer to use it as a sweetener for tea, milk, or hot cereal.

If you don’t want to take it straight, try these tasty ideas for incorporating blackstrap molasses into your diet:

  • Add it to your morning cereal.
  • Add it to your smoothies.
  • Make it into a delicious hot drink.
  • Add it to a glasse of water or juice.
  • Use it in recipes to replace sugar or other sweeteners.
  • Add it to baked beans to give them a more robust flavor.

Whichever way you choose to take it, blackstrap molasses makes an excellent addition to a healthy diet.