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Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

I’ve never been much of a health-nut, but recently I’ve been hearing a lot about Green Tea.

Here are some of the best benefits of drinking green tea.

Since so many people are swearing by the effects of Green Tea on your overall health & well-being, today I searched around a bit, and found some of the best articles about Green Tea on the Internet.

(I figured if I was interested, then others out there might be too…)


Getting Your Facts Straight

Here are the best web sites I found for explaining the health benefits of Green Tea:

1. The Miracle of Green Tea

2. Tips From A Japanese Green Tea Grower

3. 10 Great Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

4. Green Tea FAQs

5. Herbs At A Glance: Green Tea

Some Things To Consider

The experts advise drinking 4 cups of Green Tea each day, or taking two 250mg Green Tea pills a day.

  • Here’s a fun (and clever!) Green Tea pot for brewing individual cups of green tea.
  • If you don’t have the time (or patience) to go through the actual “brewing process” each time you want a cup of green tea (and 3-4 cups a day are recommended), then you might consider the pill-form. Just make sure to select pills that are contain at least 50% polyphenols (the active ingredients in Green Tea).
  • Since Green Teas come in a variety of types, sampler packs would allow you to try a variety of different Green Teas to determine the flavors that taste best to you, and the blends that react best with your body.
  • Green Tea helps you lose weight as well! The thermogenesis properties that boost your body temperature and burn excess calories are found in Green Tea, but not in coffee or regular tea. Plus, Green Tea contains NO calories, NO carbohydrates, NO Protein, and NO Fat.



…I think I might try some Green Tea soon!