Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

by Andrea

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cheers-glass-of-red-wine-by-sh0dan.jpg Studies show that drinking wine can be beneficial to your health

Experts have gone back and forth over how beneficial it is, as too much wine of course has negative effects.  In moderation however, the effects are all good. 


Benefits Of Drinking Red Wine

It is believed that red wine protects from heart disease.  One drink a day for women, and two for men can prevent heart attacks, especially if you have already had one. 

Red wine may help prevent blood clots and reduce the blood vessel damage caused by fat deposits. Indeed, studies showed that people from the Mediterranean region who regularly drank red wine have lower risks of heart disease.  Source

It is the antioxidants from the skin in the grape and the seeds that work to prevent blood clots.

While the benefits of red wine have long been extolled, it has been recently discovered that white wine also has its plusses.  So, If you don’t particularly like red wine, the following information is for you.

White Wine Health Benefits

While red wine works to keep the heart healthy, white wine is said to focus on the lungs. 

According to a study by the American Thoracic Society:

A positive link between white wine and lung health was found for people who drank between 1 and 3 glasses a day. These people had overall better lung function than those who drank red wine, or other alcoholic beverages. This study also took into account several other variables such as the wine drinker’s general health, age, and whether or not they were a smoker.

The high level of flavonoids is said to soak up toxins in the blood and reduce inflammation to airways.

If you prefer white wine but want red wine benefits, there are now new wines that have been engineered to have heart-healthy benefits.

As the healthy red wine doesn’t go with all meals and could actually be a forbidden liquid to some, each and every gourmet and white wine fan has now the chance of indulging in the favorite plates, and also be the beneficiary of a complex “sip of life". The wine that will soon hit the market is believed to contain about 200 mg of resveratrol – that is up to 50 times more than all the others wines.  Source

Even without this engineering, a number of studies by the University of Connecticut Health Center have shown that "rats fed on white wine experienced less damage to the heart during a cardiac arrest as compared to the rats fed water or straight liquor. After conducting the molecular tests of heart cells, researchers found that the cells’ powerhouses, known as mitochondria, were protected by white wine."

The Downsides Of Drinking Wine

This good news does not mean that you should add wine to your daily grocery list if you are not already a regular consumer of wine.  Besides the problem of alcoholism, wine can affect some people negatively:

  • Wine can also elevate triglycerides and cause problems for diabetics. 

  • Wine can increase breast cancer risk by raising estrogen levels.

  • Wine can also be a trigger for migraines (red wine certainly triggers mine).

  • Wine adds somewhat empty calories causing weight gain.



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