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Bottled Water vs City Water: What’s The Difference?

Is bottled water better for you than city water? What's the difference between bottled and city water?

Not according to Paul Harvey

Listen to the Paul Harvey show in which he discussed city water vs bottled water. (A not-so-subtle reminder from Paul Harvey at the end of the audio: Evian spelled backwards is “Naive”.)

But wait, it gets better!


Someone else who doesn’t think bottled water is better than tap water is the Natural Resources Defense Council who says:

No one should assume that just because he or she purchases water in a bottle that it is necessarily any better regulated, purer, or safer than most tap water.

bottle-of-water-by-darryth.jpgThe NRDC completed a 4-year study of the bottled water industry, including its bacterial and chemical contamination problems. We have conducted a review of available information on bottled water and its sources, an in-depth assessment of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and all 50 states’ programs governing bottled water safety, and an analysis of government and academic bottled water testing results. Source

The end result: Contaminants were found in bottled water.

Not to mention the fact that “as much as 40% of all bottled water is actually tap water in a bottle.”

Here’s a chart showing the current standards regarding Tap Water (which is regulated by the EPA) compared with Bottled Water (which is regulated by the FDA).


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