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Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Studies show that drinking wine can be beneficial to your health. Experts have gone back and forth over how beneficial wine is, as too much wine of course has negative effects. In moderation however, the health benefits of drinking wine are all good. Here is a summary.

7 Healthy Junk Food Snacks

What constitutes healthy junk food you ask? Well, there are many foods that get a bad rap, like pork rinds and pizza. But it's a fact -- there are lots of great healthy junk foods and healthy fast food options out there for you. It's a fact! Here are 7 of my favorites, plus links to many many more!

Low-Carb Meals at Fast-Food Restaurants

Whenever I'm on the road, or when I want to slip out of the office during lunchtime for something other than the cheese and hotdogs that I normally take for lunch (while I'm on this Low-Carb 'diet')... I like to know my options going in. Do you know what the Low-Carb choices are at fast-food restaurants these days? Here's what I found...