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You've probably seen Gwen Shamblin, founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church in the news before... Among other things, she's been called 'the pioneer of faith-based weight loss'. But it's no secret that her practices & preachings have been questioned by some. Including her ideas about the Weigh Down Diet.

Steve Vaught has a weight problem, and he's set out to tackle the issue himself. His plan: To WALK from San Diego, California to New York City in 6 months!

Tricia Cunningham invented 'The Backwards Diet' -- also known as The Reverse Diet. Simply put, she reverses the order of what she eats: a heavy dinner for breakfast, regular meal for lunch, then a light breakfast for dinner.

Every time I do a bit of Yoga, I wind up a tad sore -- in a good way -- the next day. That tells me, I don't do Yoga ENOUGH, but that's beside the point. Truth is, every single time I do it, I feel SOOOOooooo completely refreshed, limber, healthy, and rejuvenated. I love Yoga.

Following is a growing list of research regarding Low-Carb vs Low-Fat dieting. In addition to links to the actual results of various studies, you'll also find a brief summary of each -- to save you time when searching for topics most important to you. Use this information to help you determine whether a Low-Fat or Low-Carb diet plan is best for you.

Here are literally DOZENS of ways to increase your water intake on a daily basis. Drink more water... start now!

Since so many people are SWEARING by the effects of Green Tea on your overall health & well-being, today I searched around a bit, and found some of the best articles about Green Tea on the 'Net.

We're trying something new called the 'Roller Coaster Diet'. You've probably heard of it. You may have even been on it yourself a few times. Here's how we do it... the healthy version!

With the boom of the low-carb phase in society in recent months, it's not only 'trendy' to go low-carb, but it's easy too! The best thing about following the Atkins Nutritional Approach is that immediately - from Day One - your body switches from primarily burning carbohydrates to primarily burning fat as its main energy source. So you KNOW that you're making a difference in your weight-loss from the start...