Low-Carb vs Low Fat Research Findings

Following is a growing list of research regarding Low-Carb vs Low-Fat dieting. In addition to links to the actual results of various studies, you’ll also find a brief summary of each — to save you time when searching for topics most important to you. Use this information to help you determine whether a Low-Fat or Low-Carb diet plan is best for you.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

Since so many people are SWEARING by the effects of Green Tea on your overall health & well-being, today I searched around a bit, and found some of the best articles about Green Tea on the ‘Net.

Low-Carb Atkins-Friendly Foods Are Everywhere!

Eating low carb diet foods has been a trend for awhile now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It used to be said that if you eat Atkins food you were destined to lose weight quickly, but in reality, choosing low carb foods has long-term health benefits. I’m sharing my tips to achieve long-term health goals by eating low carb.

Mr. Atkins, Creator Of The Atkins Diet, Would Be Proud Of Us!

Here we are, with 5 days of the Atkins Diet under our belt now. And, all is well. In fact, all is GREAT! We are both feeling much better… already. Our clothes fit better. We have more energy at the end of the day. And it’s fun eating new stuff and trying out new recipes!

We’re Trying Low Carb vs No Carb vs Carb Free Dieting

We chose the Atkin’s Diet route, not because we think its particularly better than any other form of weight loss out there, but because we’ve had good results from it in the past, and it doesn’t feel quite as restricting as some other diet plans. Here’s how it’s going…