Gwen Shamblin’s ‘Weigh Down Diet’ Is Offered Online Through The Remnant Fellowship Church

by Lynnette


Can you lose weight just by being religious?

Well I don’t know.

Here's how the weigh down diet works.

But Gwen Shamblin, founder of the Remnant Fellowship Church has some ideas about this…


She’s been called “the pioneer of faith-based weight loss.”

You’ve probably seen Gwen Shamblin in the news before.

She’s been on all the major news networks, where she’s been interviewed by the best. It’s no secret that her practices & preachings have been questioned by some.

The fact is Gwen Shamblin found a way to tie her church (Remnant Fellowship) into the whole diet craze. And in the process, she’s gotten more press than most other diet gurus. (More here.)

Her novel approach to weightloss is called the Weight Down Diet.

The idea is simple:
Stay within (God’s) boundaries of hunger and fullness and avoid overindulgence in life.

There are a variety of ways to begin the Weigh Down Diet — including online courses.

After inviting God into this wonderful eating occasion, I survey all the food choices available at the buffet. I carefully make my selections based on what flavors and foods I am craving at the time. I take very small amounts of the items I most want to try, and once I sit down, I begin to rate the items. That means that I taste a tiny bit of each item and decide which are my favorites. Then I take only the best, most sumptuous bites of each item, making sure I am filling up with only the tastiest parts, since I already know it won’t take much to fill me up! — Gwen Shamblin


Controversial In More Ways Than One

Gwen Shamblin and her Weigh Down Diet are not without their controversies, however…

Here is the flip side… The Remnant Church’s response to all the rumors.


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