Surefire Tips for Portion Control That Helped Me Lose Weight

When I was struggling with weight issues and trying to drop the excess pounds, portion control was one of the strongest weapons in the arsenal of healthy habits that I unleashed against my obesity.

With a goal of dropping below 200 pounds and needing to strike out the equivalent of four, full-weight bowling balls to get there, I decided that one area of my life in which I could make drastic improvements was not just in what I ate, but also in how much I consumed.

So, I started to take stock of what and how much I ate, and soon decided that my success would come with portion control.

Of course, cutting back on how much I ate would only help me wage half the battle. The rest of that fight would mean my having to find a way to stave off hunger without piling on the carbs, fats, and sodium that I so desperately was trying to cut back on.

Here’s what I did to cut back on the portions without feeling constantly hungry:

#1 – Graze like the cows.

I always swore by eating three squares growing up, but what ended up happening as I got into my late teenage years is that those three meals started looking bigger and bigger… and far less square.

I found that by ditching the three big meals a day and aiming for five or six mini meals, that I actually began eating less of the unhealthy food, and that vegetables and handy fruits (raisins and bananas, for example) started constituting more of my snacks.

#2 – Ramp up the water intake.

With less food on my plate, I feared that I would soon face the beast of hunger. And, I quickly did.

I soon offset the feeling of hunger by drinking more water, which not only is a far healthier choice than sodas and sugary juices, but also helps to hydrate the body and cleanse it of toxins. I always aimed for 8 glasses of water a day, which I easily got in by spreading them out over the entire day, particularly right before and just after meals.

#3 – Know what real serving sizes are.

Portions are the amount of food you eat, but servings refer to how much food one is recommended to eat. Learning that difference was a major revelation for me, because it then sparked a desire to learn exactly how much (or little) I should be eating.

Guidelines set by the American Dietetic Association were especially helpful, because they compare the various sizes of food servings to those of everyday items. For example, a serving of:

•    Pasta equals the size of a baseball, or 1 cup
•    Fruit is also equivalent to a baseball
•    Margarine is the size of a single dice, or 1 teaspoon
•    Meat comes to the thickness of a deck of cards, or 3 ounces
•    Cheese compares to four stacked dice, or 1-1/2 ounces

So, did my portion control efforts help me to lose weight? I am proud to resoundingly say, “yes!” In fact, I have not only reached my weight loss goal, but I have also managed to maintain it for 3 years now and counting. However, remember that portion control cannot in itself help you shed the pounds.

In addition to keeping a vigilant eye on how much I ate, other healthy habits I adopted in my daily routine included exercising  more, reducing the length of my sitting periods, choosing healthy fast food options when I had to eat on the go, and sleeping at least 7 or 8 hours a night on a regular basis.

I’m a roller coaster junkie, a weather enthusiast, a frequent traveler, and a numismatist. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century. I’m a member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and the Numismatic Literary Guild (NLG). I’ve also been studying meteorology and watching weather patterns for years. I enjoy sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about coins, weather, travel, health, food, and living green… on a budget.

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