Looking For A Pill Organizer & Reminder System? All The Best Pill Organizers ~ From Simple To Unbelievable!

by Brittney

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Almost everyone takes at least one pill a day — whether it’s a simple multivitamin or a prescribed medication.

There are many different pill box organizer options out there. Here are some

Some people take anywhere from 5 to 25 pills on a daily basis!

To try and keep up with which pills to take and when to take them can be overwhelming, to say the least.

With all the news reports about accidental overdoses, it’s clear that pill organizers are a necessity these days in order to identify the pills you’ve already taken, and the ones you have yet to take.

Not to mention the fact that a pill organizer alarm and reminder system can help even the youngest of patients remember when it’s time to take the next dose. (When you’re busy, it’s so easy to forget!)

What if you’re in charge of making sure that someone (such as an aging parent) is getting the right medications at the right time? A simplified way to monitor pill dosages and remind the patient to take their medications could actually be a lifesaver.

Here are all the best pill organizers to make sure you don’t miss a day, or a dose…

2-Week Travel Pill Organizer


This day or night pill organizer includes 16 numbered pouches to store your pills or vitamins when traveling. The pouches are slide-locked to keep pills secured. (See how people rate this travel pill organizer.)

Detach N Go Weekly Pill Organizer


This 7-day pill organizer includes detachable and interlocking compartments that are labeled with each day of the week. You can even choose one with AM and PM compartments if you take pills 2 times a day. This pill organizer is great if your traveling or on-the-go since you can detach exactly the days you need. (See Detach N Go pill organizer reviews.)

DidIt Daily Pill Organizer & Reminder


This is an ingenious way to easily keep track of your pills! Here’s how DidIt works. Just attach the peel & stick device to any pill bottle. Then, whenever you take a pill, push the tab outward and down until it clicks into place — to indicate that you’ve already taken it. Choose between the “DidIt Days” (for pills you take once or twice a day) or “DidIt Numbers” (for pills that you take 3 or more times a day). The Doctors DidiI!

MedCenter Monthly Pill Organizer Alarm


This one comes with 31 daily pill containers. Each container has 4 smaller compartments for morning, noon, evening, and night. It even has a talking alarm to alert you when it’s time to take your medications! You can set up to 4 alarms daily. The green-topped containers can be flipped over to red to show when a dose was taken. (Check out the reviews of the MedCenter pill organizer alarm and see how it works.)

Twice A Day Weekly Pill Organizer


This pill organizer is simple, yet handy if you have to take medication 2 times a day. There are separate compartments for each dose, plus it’s got a large capacity for multiple pill regimes. (See reviews of the twice a day pill organizer.)

ePill Weekly Medication Reminder


This pill organizer alarm has individual pill boxes that you fill with your pills throughout the day. Then, set the alarms for the different times to take the different pills (such as “Pill Box #1at 10 AM” and “Pill Box #2 at Noon.”  When it is time to take your pills, the e-pill will alert you by either beeping or vibrating. It’s small too, so you can stick it in your pocket while you’re out and about. (See “The Doctors” review of the e-pill medication reminder.)


Tab Tote Monthly Pill Organizer


This pill organizer holds up to 4 weeks of pills. Each of the large compartments (great for multiple larger pills!) is labeled 1 to 30 for each day of the month. You can easily load 15 days at a time. One large spillproof lid rotates to open only one day’s dose at a time.

Round Daily Vitamin Dispenser


This round container could actually be used for any daily medications. With 6 separate compartments, it eliminates the need to lug around 6 individual pill bottles. The lid turns to only dispense one dose at a time. (Read reviews here.)

Monthly Pill Organizer & Cups


This pill organizer can hold 4 weeks’ worth of pills. The best part: the compartments are especially large, so they’re great for an assortment of large pills and vitamins. The 28 individual drinking cups are removable, washable, and replaceable — so everything is with reach when it’s time to take medications. You can also personalize it to indicate the pill times for each day. (See how the MPO pill organizer works.)


MD2 Monthly Pill Dispenser & Reminder System


This monitored automatic medication dispenser & reminder system is great for caregivers and the elderly. The best part is that it works for both pills and liquid medications, as well as non-oral medications. It connects to the phone line and the support center, which is how the medication schedule is transferred to the unit. When it’s time to take a medication, the voice alarm sounds and flashes a light and text reminder to alert the person. For pills, it will then dispense a cup along with the pills. It can be loaded for up to 30 days and can dispense up to 6 times a day. For liquid and non-oral medications, it simply provides the alarms and reminders. It can also give detailed instructions, such as “take with food.” If medication did not dispense or is running low, it will alert the caregiver. It will also give a report at the end of the day to let caregivers or doctors know how the day went. (See how the MD2 pill dispenser works.)

Pill Turtle Weekly Pill Organizer


This simple pill organizer keeps track of your pills and comes with a reminder alarm clock and timer. It has 7 large compartments with Braille markings and raised letters to show the days of the week. This cute, turtle-shaped pill organizer will keep you on time and in style. (See reviews of the Pill Turtle Weekly Pill Organizer.)

e-pill 7-Day Medication Organizer With Multiple Alarms


This 7-day pill organizer includes 7 individual organizers with sliding lids for easy access, a multi-alarm pocket reminder, and a storage case to keep everything together. It can alert you up to 37 times a day! Don’t worry about having to reset the alarms every night before bed either — because it automatically resets itself at midnight. (See the reviews of the e-pill 7-day medication organizer.)


2-Week Roam Wellness Travel Pak


This travel pill organizer is perfect for the most highly-organized among us. The 2-ring binder style alone will make an organized person smile. It’s a self-contained pouch with refillable bags and customizable labels.


MedMinder’s Maya Monthly Pill Box System


This one’s called “an intelligent pill organizer” and is ideal for anyone who is taking multiple medications, up to 4 times each day. There’s a built-in wireless modem that communicates with the MedMinder central computer about the patient’s medication activity each day. You can configure the system on the Internet (or by phone if you have no computer access) with your own personalized notification schedule. It then reminds you when to take your meds. Reminder options include: flashing lights, beeps, phone calls, text messages, and emails. If a medication is not taken on time, the caregiver is notified. They report an adherence rate of greater than 90%, which is much higher than the 60% average with other pill organizers.


GlowCap Electronic Pill Bottle Cap


This is a wifi pill bottle that links to the Internet for daily reminders when to take your pills. You use a computer to program when the pills need to be taken. Then, at that time, a light on the pill bottle cap flashes. After 30 minutes, an alert sounds and gets increasingly louder. If the bottle still has not been opened, an automated phone call is made to the patient or caregiver.




This one is different from all the rest in that it’s a FREE online program that texts alerts to your cell phone and prompts you to take your meds and call in your refills.


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