Germ Free Tips To Use When You’re Out & About To Steer Clear Of Bacteria

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Here are some tips for staying germ-free at home, at work, and when you travel.

Many of them I either use myself, or I plan to start using real soon.



I’ve said it before: Antibacterial soaps are unnecessary and cause far more harm than good! (Source: Dr. Joseph Mercola)


What I Learned Today…

The germs reported in the studies above are not anything new.

We have, in fact, been living and functioning quite well in the presence of germs in each of the above locations for years now.

The only thing new is the mass hysteria and hype that germs are receiving in the press these days.

It all seems to have started right about the time those anti-bacterial products hit the market… right?


More About Germs And Bacteria

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