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Fun Facts About Yawning… Guaranteed To Make You Yawn!

A yawning man...Consider this my one-person mission to get the entire world to yawn (…or at least all 10,000 or so of you reading this website right now!)

Go ahead…

Try & fight it.

But before you finish this article you’ll yawn.



Try To Not Yawn…
I Dare You!

Usually, just thinking (or reading) about yawning will make you yawn.

And when the person next to you yawns, forget about it… you’ll yawn too.


  • Try & fight the yawn #1: Pictures of people (and pets) yawning…


Flickr photos that capture yawns…


It’s widely assumed that yawning occurs because we are tired or bored or because we see someone else doing it, but there isn’t any hard evidence to support these beliefs. The most plausible explanation, and the one that is taught in medical school, is that we yawn because oxygen levels in our lungs are low.  Source


But even this has been disputed…


  • Try & fight the yawn #2: Fun Facts About Yawning…
  •   Try & fight the yawn #3: Yawn sounds…

A collection of yawns & yawning sounds

Sounds of yawns

Yawn sound effects


So there.

Now that you’re feeling very sleepy… my work here is done.


photo via BigFun


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