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Tired of allergies and OTC medications? Incorporate these natural allergy remedies into your life - from neti pots to steam baths. You'll finally get relief

Nervous about donating blood? These 5 simple steps will help you avoid negative side effects when giving blood. So there's no reason to be nervous anymore!

Frequently constipated? Feel bloated & gassy? Here are 4 ways to get constipation relief... naturally. The fastest one: raise your knees!

Trying to avoid the flu this year? These flu prevention tips have kept me from getting the flu for the past 3 seasons. They'll help you too!


There are a lot of popular hangover myths out there. Here are solid tips for curing your hangover + Things you can do to prevent a hangover from occurring in the first place.

The truth about how antioxidants work in the human body, their role in combating disease, and just how effective they really are as medicinal treatments.

The precious nutrients from sugar cane are concentrated in blackstrap molasses. For optimal health, you should look for organic, unsulphured molasses. Here's more

To avoid accidental overdose or taking the wrong pills, you'll need a pill organizer. It's the best way to keep track of pills, doses, and schedules, and now they even come with hi-tech reminder systems! If you or someone you know has to take pills every day, these pill organizers will keep you organized.

The following health blogs and website portals will give you a leg up on the latest and greatest things that affect your health. Here are the best health blogs and Twitter accounts to follow in order to stay up-to-date on all of the health issues that are important to you.