So THAT’s How They Tell You That You’ve Got Cancer… Jim’s Melanoma Skin Cancer Photos & Treatment Options

My husband received a melanoma diagnosis from a mole on his arm. You can see in his skin cancer photos how the mole grew and changed colors over 6 years. Here’s what we’ve learned about the best melanoma treatment options, what the melanoma stages of cancer mean, and what melanoma looks like. We hope you’ll find this information helpful if you or someone in your family is diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer.

Ganglion Cysts: What You Need To Know About Ganglion Cyst Treatment

Do you have a ganglion cyst? I do! I’ve had it for years — it comes and goes. Here’s what I’ve learned about Ganglion cysts, ganglion cyst treatment, and ganglion cyst removal. Basically a ganglion cyst does not require treatment, but if it’s causing you pain or is just in a bad spot then you might want to have it surgically removed. Here’s what I’ve learned.


Photos + Tips For Getting Through Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery And Recovery

Ever had to consider a sin cancer treatment plan? We have. After Jim was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, the next step was to decide on a surgeon in order to get those lymph nodes biopsied right away and determine whether cancer had spread or not. All of this happened rather quickly over the next 2 months. Here’s what it was like for Jim (and me) and how things are today.