Are Energy Drinks Harmful? What About Energy Shots?

Energy drinks and energy shots are marketed as giving you extra energy. Some common energy drinks are: Jolt, NOS, Slam, No Name, Rockstar, SoBe, Red Bull, and Full Throttle. Some common energy shots are: Ammo, Redline Power Rush, Extreme Energy, Powershot, Fuel Cell, and Upshot.

Your Birth Age vs Your Health Age

Sometimes we feel older than we are. Sometimes there are pre-existing health circumstances that play a role in when, why, and how we will die. Check out the good news & bad news… here.

How Are You Living Your ‘Dash’?

Do you feel like you’re running in circles? Spinning your wheels? Unable to focus? Overwhelmed? Got a ‘To Do’ list longer than your grocery list? Doing a lot of different things, but not getting anything ‘done’? It’s all about living your life so you’ll have no regrets…