5 Easy And All-Natural Cures For The Common Cold

Check out these 5 natural remedies for the common cold: onions, zinc, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and garlic. Here’s how and why each works to prevent colds and heal your body faster after you have a cold.

Try A Neti Pot: It’s Better Than Nasal Decongestants!

I really prefer using a Neti Pot over using nasal decongestants and sprays such as Afrin. The Neti Pot helps with allergies and sinus problems, as well as cold and flu symptoms. It’s all around good for you! Here’s how to use a Neti Pot using salt and water… that’s all you need.

Experts Say These Are The Best Online Health & Medical Sites

These sites rise above the rest. Each is well-respected for the quality and quantity of the information they provide pertaining to health and medicine. Specifically… the breadth and depth of information found on these sites ranges from ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’, and the reliability and quality of the information itself featured on each of these sites rates from ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’. Bonus: Each site features minimal or no paid advertising!