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7 Healthy Junk Food Snacks

What constitutes healthy junk food you ask? Well, there are many foods that get a bad rap, like pork rinds and pizza. But it's a fact -- there are lots of great healthy junk foods and healthy fast food options out there for you. It's a fact! Here are 7 of my favorites, plus links to many many more!

Autism Specials, News Reports & Findings That May Help Autistic Children And Their Families

As much as I wish I could speak for my Autistic niece Shelby... I can't. And as much I wish I could scream and shout for all of the injustices that she and her parents have had to deal with on a daily basis... that wouldn't do any good either. So, from my faraway corner of the world, I find peace and satisfaction when I can share some of the specific things that have helped to clarify things for me a bit. Or have helped me find an even greater sense of hope for Shelby's future.

A Blog About A Dying Wife

Five days ago, at the age of 28 AT lost his wife, BJ. He is now a widow and a single father of two young sons. What started as 'flu-like symptoms' on October 30, 2006 ultimately claimed BJ's life just 18 days later on November 17, 2006. I share AT's story with you, for the same reason that he says he continues to write in his blog about it... with the hope that it will help someone else.