Printed Yoga Mats – Personalized With Your Own Photo

Ever since I saw Jennifer Aniston give Oprah this photo yoga mat as a gift on the Oprah show, I’ve been completely intrigued by it.

Oprah’s has a photo of her beloved dogs on it.

Jen and Oprah aren’t the only celebrities who use the YogaMatic yoga mat.

Ellen DeGeneres uses it too!

The YogaMatic photo yoga mat is so unique… it can be customized just for you with whatever scene motivates you and means something special to you.

That’s mostly why I love it.

Heck, you can actually put lots of photos on one yoga mat!

You can try out the YogaMatic customization process for FREE online — to see how your photo will look on a yoga mat.

My Personalized Yoga Mat

If I do decide to get one, mine will have a beachy scene on it.

I’m thinking an extreme close-up of the sand & shoreline of a beach I’ve actually stepped foot on and photographed myself. That’s what will “personalize” it for me. Showing some actual feet in the sand would be nice too.

I have several photos that I’ve taken that I could do this with — including my barefoot on the beach wedding photo, and some photos from our vacation in Aruba.

Actually, my goal is to stage a photo just for this yoga mat.

I’d like to “write in the sand” a motivating or personalized message that will make this yoga mat even more unique and customized just for me. Something along the lines of what we did before we decided to move.

What do you think?…

What would your personalized photo yoga mat look like???

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