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Destination Dieting – What’s The Best Vacation Diet?

You’ve heard of destination weddings. Now there’s destination dieting!

what does the term destination dieting mean?

Destination Dieting =The act of losing weight for an upcoming event or tripWhile I may not be the first to coin the phrase destination dieting or destination diets (see below), I do know that this is the very first article on the Internet to discuss destination dieting as a popular form of weight loss.

As of today (3/8/07), there is nothing else about destination diets or destination dieting on the World Wide Web.

Here’s everything you want to know about destination dieting…

What Is A Destination Diet?

Destination diet is a phrase that Elisabeth Hasselbeck casually said yesterday on The View.

setting-sail-on-first-cruise.jpgAnd I have to say, I’m surprised I haven’t heard more people talking about destination dieting, in general.

On The View, they were talking about this study which ultimately praises the Atkins Diet over other popular diets when it comes to losing weight and eating healthy.

The beleaguered Atkins diet may get a breath of life from a new study that suggests the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet regime leads to more effective weight loss with fewer negative health effects than three other weight loss strategies. Source

Specifically, the ladies on The View were discussing the pros and cons of diets, like the Atkins Diet, when Elisabeth added her $.02 something to the effect of this (paraphrased):

Diets like that only make sense as destination diets — you know, when you want to lose a few pounds before vacation or something. But for the long-term, no, I don’t necessarily think they’re good for your body.

I’ve done it. Have you?

On several occasions (like before a cruise, a wedding, a vacation, or a reunion) I’ve tried to slim down a bit in order to look my best for “the big day.”

The fact is, I bet most of us have tried destination dieting on occasion.

Why The Atkins Diet Is The Best Vacation Diet

Jim and I have always chosen the Atkins Diet whenever we wanted to lose a few pounds relatively quickly. And, believe it or not, we usually manage to keep the weight off for several months past our “target date” — long after we’ve achieved our ideal goal weight.

If you ask me, the Atkins Diet is one of the best destination diets around!

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