Using Earplugs To Combat Your Partner’s Loud Snoring

by Lynnette

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It’s 4 a.m. here right now, and I figured since I’d just “written” an entire post about snoring in my head… I may as well just get up and write it.

How to properly wear earplugs to not hear your partner snore.

(That, and the fact that the sun’s coming up soon… and I’ve gotta take those covers off all the plants in a few minutes!)

I love my husband, but after 3 nights in a row of restful sleep while he was out of town, we’re back to “sawing logs” in the bedroom again…


A lifetime supply of 'Leight Sleepers' foamy self-expanding earplugs!Let The Snoring Begin

Jim’s been out of town at another IHRA drag racing event, so I’ve been enjoying a King-size bed to myself for a change. And peaceful silence all through the night.

But early this morning I heard a familiar tune… that of Jim belting out a melody with his tonsils & nostrils as instruments. If only he’d been awake to hear it!

My purple 'double down' pillow -- e.g. two down pillows stuffed into one pillowcase! Fortunately, I had ammunition: a pair of super-duty earplugs and a double-layer down pillow (to place over, rather than under my head). Yep, this cushiony concoction works wonders at drowning out unpleasant sounds at any hour!

That, and a friendly nudge (okay, I’ll admit… it’s usually a shove) inviting Jim to roll over. A familiar phrase heard in the middle of the night around here: “Pick a side, any side” (…because he snores less when he’s on his side).


The Sleep Rotation

I couldn’t help but wonder what those poor guys he’s been sharing a room with on the road have thought about Jim’s snoring. I noticed that someone new got the privilege of bunking with Jim this time.

Two others have had the experience already on earlier trips, but I guess they didn’t have the same ammunition as me, because they got a bit frustrated with Jim’s snoring.

A pair of extra-foamy earplugs. These things expand IN your ear, blocking out virtually ALL sound! Here’s a piece of advice for Jim’s buddies on future drag-racing trips: You know those earplugs that you all wear at the track?… Take ’em to bed with you!

When Jim got home last night, I asked him about the sleeping arrangements this time, and he said the guy he bunked with didn’t even notice that he snored. (Hmmmm… I guess he must snore too, and they probably drown each other out!)


What I Learned Today

Jim’s gonna kill me when he sees this post!

For those who are wondering… Jim’s team didn’t place this time. Their car busted in the first round, and they didn’t have all the right parts on hand to get it fixed in time. So they got to sit back and enjoy the races from a whole new perspective this weekend… as fans rather than competitors.

Jim and Terry's crew team working on the race car. Jim wrenching... not wretching. 

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