Cold-Eeze Lozenges Really Work!

by Lynnette

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The common cold typically lasts 6-8 days. But there’s a product out there that can cut the length of your cold in HALF!

Cold-eeze is very helpful to cut your symptoms in half.

I’ve used it. And it really seems to work.

Where most cold meds attack your symptoms, Cold-Eeze is different. Cold-Eeze attacks the cold virus itself.

You may have heard of a similar type of product called Zicam.

Worth a look: Cold-Eeze vs Zicam and Cold-Eeze vs Other Similar Products

How & Why Cold-Eeze Works

Cold-Eeze lozenges to fight a cold.It’s best if you take these lozenges at the FIRST sign of a cold. I even take them when I’m around people with a cold… to prevent the cold virus from entering my body.

I first learned about these little miracle lozenges on QVC — they used to be on the cutting edge of all-things-new before products would even hit the streets. The inventor of Cold-Eeze decided to test out the retail market of his lozenges on QVC before they ever hit the store shelves. They sold like hotcakes. And they shortened the length of peoples’ colds all across America.

I’ve been a fan ever since. I’m not alone, there’s even a guy who wrote a book about it:
How to Fight a Cold… and Win: Cold-Eeze, Lozenges With Zigg. And, here are some more testimonials from others who’ve used Cold-Eeze lozenges.

You can buy Cold-Eeze at places like CVS, Kmart, Kroger, Target, Walgreens and Walmart. I got mine at a bargain price at Sam’s Club. I believe Costco carries Cold-Eeze as well. Here’s a complete list of stores that carry Cold-Eeze in your neighborhood.