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5 Ways Taking Improv Comedy Classes Helped Me With Stress, Relationships, And PTSD (Yes, Really!)

Yes, I have something in common with some very famous SNL comedians. I took an improv comedy class – just like they did at the beginning of their careers. Trust me, if I can do it so can you. Here is my personal experience taking an improv comedy class, how it taught me that laughter really is the best therapy, and some of the specific health benefits I continue to enjoy long after I graduated from my first improv class. Here’s what it’s like…

Yoga In Bed Workout: 5 Easy Yoga Exercises You Can Do In Bed

Yoga in bed?! …Why not? It’s no secret that regular exercise is an important part of a happy and healthy life. And if you relax while exercising, that’s even better for your well-being! Yoga gives you the best of both worlds. See how to do yoga in bed… 5 easy yoga exercises you can do in your bed at home or in a hotel when you travel.

Flu Shot

How Can You DIE From The Flu? Here’s How… What You Need To Know About The Flu Virus And Flu Shot

It’s not just people with compromised immune systems that are dying from the flu. See all of the ways the flu can kill an otherwise healthy person. Thinking of getting a flu shot? Here’s what you need to know — who should & shouldn’t get it, popular flu shot myths, flu shot side effects, and where to get cheap (or free) flu shots!

Flu Shot

My Laparoscopy Surgery To Treat Endometriosis & Remove Ovarian Cysts …And Why I Chose The Optional Endometrial Ablation

Ladies: Have you got endometriosis… and/or cysts on your ovaries? If so there’s probably a laparoscopy in your future! I’m here to tell you endometriosis surgery is not that bad. I had severe endometriosis and 2 large ovarian cysts removed laparoscopically Here’s how it went for me…

How To Naturally Detox Your Body Yourself – Feel Great, Less Bloat, Get Healthy Inside & Out

A full body detox doesn’t mean you spend a week in the bathroom with an ‘occupied’ tag on the door. Here are 6 simple things that give your body a natural detox. You can self detox and do a natural body cleanse without drinking only water or participating in fad detox diets.

What It’s Like To Live With Low Blood Pressure – Simple DIY Low Blood Pressure Treatment Ideas + Facts You Need To Know

Think you might have low blood pressure? The most common symptoms of low blood pressure are lightheadedness, dizziness, and fainting — usually when you’re going from a lying down or sitting position to a standing position. I have low blood pressure. Here are 5 things that initially surprised me about low blood pressure, plus some low blood pressure treatment ideas for you to try.

Our Experience Using Permethrin Spray To Prevent Tick Bites (And Mosquito Bites) …Instead Of Using DEET

What is the best tick repellent for humans, you ask? Well, have you heard of Permethrin spray? When it comes to repelling ticks, avoiding Lyme Disease, and buying tick repellents… we recently learned a little secret from the U.S. Military. It’s called Permethrin! If it’s good enough for the Department of Defense, then it’s good enough for us. Here’s why we use Permethrin anytime we go in the woods now. By the way, it repels both ticks AND mosquitoes… far better than DEET-based products do.

Got Gephyrophobia? Some Helpful Tips From A Former Phobic For Getting Over Your Fear Of Bridges

Scared of crossing bridges — either in a car or on foot? You may have Gephyrophobia. I had a similar fear and overcame it on my own without professional help. See how I did it… maybe these same tips will help you get over your bridge phobia too!! These are very simple things you can do to gradually minimize your fear of bridges.