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Stop throwing away the pumpkin seeds at carving time! Eating pumpkin seeds benefits your immune system, improves your sleep, and more.

What boosts your mood, lowers your stress, benefits your health, and is FREE & available to anyone? These are benefits of meditation & reasons to meditate daily

Michael Phelps, Justin Bieber & Jennifer Aniston do it - do you? Cupping therapy is a form of acupuncture. I've got some tips to see if it's right for you.

What do exercise, meditation & reading have in common? I've found them all to be great when dealing with anxiety. Plus 4 more natural ways to treat anxiety.

Suffer from anxiety, stress or panic attacks? (Me too.) Mindfulness meditation improves concentration, offers deep relaxation, and helps with stress & sleep

Can't sleep? Feeling stressed? Deep breathing exercises can be done anywhere to provide relief fast. Here's how to do the 478 breathing exercise plus 3 more

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If you like weird facts as much as I do, then you'll appreciate these 5 human body facts that are almost too strange to believe. Trust me, they're true!

Want to stay awake without using caffeine? Here are 8 clever and effective ways to stay alert that don't involve guzzling coffee, cola, or power drinks.

Many who are suffering from fatigue & muscle pain are quick to assume they've got fibromyalgia. 5 other illnesses have the same symptoms. Here's how to tell