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We're trying something new called the 'Roller Coaster Diet'. You've probably heard of it. You may have even been on it yourself a few times. Here's how we do it... the healthy version!

With the boom of the low-carb phase in society in recent months, it's not only 'trendy' to go low-carb, but it's easy too! The best thing about following the Atkins Nutritional Approach is that immediately - from Day One - your body switches from primarily burning carbohydrates to primarily burning fat as its main energy source. So you KNOW that you're making a difference in your weight-loss from the start...

We are 3-1/2 weeks into it now, and yes, we're STILL following the Atkins 4-phase nutritional approach! Here's how it's going for us... including some of our own modifications to the Atkins Diet.

Here we are, with 5 days of the Atkins Diet under our belt now. And, all is well. In fact, all is GREAT! We are both feeling much better... already. Our clothes fit better. We have more energy at the end of the day. And it's fun eating new stuff and trying out new recipes!

We chose the Atkin's Diet route, not because we think its particularly better than any other form of weight loss out there, but because we've had good results from it in the past, and it doesn't feel quite as restricting as some other diet plans. Here's how it's going...