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Fad Diets & Unusual Weight Loss Methods

Regardless of how outlandish some of these might seem, we all know that there is no ONE diet plan that works for everyone. So whatever works for you in terms of dieting... I say, go for it! And you never know what will work for you until you try something new.

Low-Carb Dieting… The Jim & Lynnette Way

These are the best low-carb resources -- the ones that are helping to get me through this 'dieting' thing. In reality, they're helping to shape my way of thinking about carbs in general and how I can get by on eating fewer carbs overall. It's all about making a conscious decision to eat less carbs... and less fat. Period.

Low-Carb Meals at Fast-Food Restaurants

Whenever I'm on the road, or when I want to slip out of the office during lunchtime for something other than the cheese and hotdogs that I normally take for lunch (while I'm on this Low-Carb 'diet')... I like to know my options going in. Do you know what the Low-Carb choices are at fast-food restaurants these days? Here's what I found...

Low-Carb vs Low Fat Research Findings

Following is a growing list of research regarding Low-Carb vs Low-Fat dieting. In addition to links to the actual results of various studies, you'll also find a brief summary of each -- to save you time when searching for topics most important to you. Use this information to help you determine whether a Low-Fat or Low-Carb diet plan is best for you.