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See why gravy, eggnog, frosted cookies, and pies are tops (and should therefore be gobbled up accordingly)... and why you should steer clear of things like carrots, mashed potatoes, fruitcake, and exercise.

Experts tell us to drink more water to stay healthy. But what if you don't like water? Here are 5 ways I've found to stay hydrated when you hate drinking water.

Stop throwing away the pumpkin seeds at carving time! Eating pumpkin seeds benefits your immune system, improves your sleep, and more.

Been told to increase fiber in your diet, but not sure where to start? Start here! High fiber foods to eat + Differences between soluble & insoluble fiber.

A healthy salad starts with healthy ingredients. Here's how to make a healthy, substantial salad that won't leave you hungry or nutritionally deprived.

On antibiotics or meds for blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol? Watch for medication interactions if you eat bananas, fiber, soy, dairy, greens, grapefruit

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, the DASH diet is a smart choice - especially if you have high blood pressure like me. Here are 5 reasons why.

If you go through the drive-thru as much as I do, you'll appreciate these 7 healthy fast food options. A list of the healthiest menu items at restaurants.

what is stevia

What is stevia? It's a natural sugar substitute! Here's what you need to know about the safety of stevia products, plus how to make stevia sweetener at home