How To Eat Healthy At Parties …And Still Have Fun!

by Curtis

Dieting, Holidays And Parties, Wine

Parties, social gatherings, work events… wherever people get together there is usually food.

Here's how to eat healthy at a party.

How in the world is someone supposed to keep their diet under control when everywhere you turn the main focus is eating?

There are a few tricks you can use that will help you control your urge to try one of everything on the table.

I’m not saying it will be easy, but here are 9 fail-proof tips for eating healthy at social gatherings.

One big thing to avoid is alcohol.  It’s nothing but empty calories, and be honest you don’t really need it to have fun anyway, right?

If you must have a glass to sip from, make it wine — at least there are health benefits to drinking wine. Just don’t overdo it.

Did you know… the average holiday dinner has about 3,000 calories! Here are 8 ways to keep calories in check this holiday season.


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