Germ Warfare: See How Far Germs From A Sneeze Can Travel!

by Lynnette

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While I’m not sure that the TV show The Doctors is the best resource for answers to all of your everyday health questions, I heard something on the show yesterday that made me pause.

Do you know how far the germs travel when you sneeze?

They were talking about sneezing and how far the germs from a sneeze could travel and affect other people.

Dr. Travis Stork (aka The Bachelor) said something to this effect:

Generally speaking, germs from sneezes can spread up to 3 to 5 feet.

This Discovery Channel video also discusses how germs spread from a sneeze:


Sneezing On A Plane

sneezing-spreading-germs-by-REL-Waldman.jpgDr. Travis Stork on The Doctors also said when you’re on a plane, people sitting within 10 rows of someone who’s sneezed could technically be within the range of those germs — over time (as the air continues to circulate on board the plane).

He did say that the air filters on plans do a good job.

But the point was how far germs from a sneeze have the potential to spread.

Interesting, right?

I always wondered just how far sneeze spew could reach…

The Takeaway

  • So now, whenever someone is about to sneeze in person, try to move farther than 5 feet away from them.
  • And if you’re on a plane when someone sneezes, count the number of rows between you and them. If it’s less than 10, you better take some Airborne right away or some other immunity-booster!

Happy travels!…

Hopefully, at this point in time, everyone is covering their mouth or doing the sleeve sneeze.