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I recently had to get a tetanus shot... even as a healthy adult! Here's why you would need to get a tetanus vaccine, what it's like, and symptoms of lockjaw

Do you have an office job? Sit behind a computer for a living? You can avoid the most common desk job health risks with these 5 simple tips.

It takes me 1 hour to drive to work. This long, daily drive has inspired me to find ways to relieve stress while commuting. Here are 5 techniques that have helped me reduce stress during my commute.

job fatigue

Want to reduce the aggravation of job fatigue? Here are a few tips that I use to make my day in a cubicle at work less physically burdensome.

There's a whole new way to get your work done AND exercise at the same time! It's called the treadmill desk! Here are the pros and cons of using a treadmill desk at work.