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What's the best way to remove a tick? I've removed DOZENS from myself & my dogs! I'll show you easy ways to remove ticks & which ones carry Lyme Disease.

Have a tick bite? I did - but I had no idea what signs of Lyme Disease to look for. Here's everything I've learned after my Lyme Disease diagnosis. And how I'm treating it now.

Like the U.S. Military does, we use Permethrin spray as a tick repellent! It works much better than DEET-based products at repelling ticks and mosquitoes.

Do you know the symptoms of an allergic reaction to a bee sting, wasp sting, or insect bite? You should always keep Benadryl on hand - it could be a lifesaver for your child or your pet!

I've been living with Lyme Disease for years. Here's how I got Lyme Disease from a tick bite & the Lyme Disease rash that followed. Plus a list of people in Nashville Tennessee with Lyme Disease, and Lyme Disease doctors in Nashville.

After being diagnosed with Lyme Disease, my symptoms went away for 1 year then returned. See the meds my doctor prescribed, what my Lyme Disease treatment was like, and how my symptoms changed after starting treatment for Lyme Disease.