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Have you seen a Prop 65 warning label on products? I don't live anywhere NEAR California and I've seen a slew of them! Here's what the Proposition 65 warning means.

I had severe endometriosis & 2 ovarian cysts removed via laparoscopic surgery. My experience with endometriosis pain + My laparoscopy endometriosis pictures.

Wondering about Vitamin C overdose? How much is too much Vitamin C? Here's the Vitamin C dosage info + The signs and symptoms of taking high doses of Vitamin C.

I absolutely love my microwave heating pad. It works for all of my aches and pains. My favorite is the large sectioned microwave heating pack from Thermal-Aid. Here's why...

Be sure to take steps ahead of time so you can prevent the motion sickness altogether. That way, you won't have to worry about getting sick during your travels. Here's a collection of the absolute best tips for combating motion sickness!

The big question is... do Detox Diets work? Another popular question... are Detox Diets safe? Here we explore the top 5 Detox Diets and discuss their safety issues.