What It’s Like To Have A Coronary Artery Stent Put In To Prevent Heart Problems

There are many reasons your doctor may recommend a heart stent. In my case, I had a sore jaw and I noticed that my hand was twitching and was struggling to do what I needed it to do. I had a coronary stent procedure that opened up — and kept open — the narrowed places in my heart artery. Here’s what I’ve learned after having a heart stent put in a few years ago, plus what it was like to have an angiogram and angioplasty.

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the Silent Killer that victimizes thousands every year. Your diet is often part of the problem. By eliminating excessive fat and salt and eating more fruits and vegetables you can lower your blood pressure and live a healthier life.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Wine

Studies show that drinking wine can be beneficial to your health. Experts have gone back and forth over how beneficial wine is, as too much wine of course has negative effects. In moderation however, the health benefits of drinking wine are all good. Here is a summary.

19 Common Health Myths Debunked

There are literally hundreds of health-related myths and old wives tales. Fortunately, technology is catching up with most of these now, and their validity is being questioned.
Here are some of the more common health myths debunked.

Consumer Reports Now Reviews Drugs & Medications

The well-respected consumer product authority, Consumer Reports, has started reviewing medications as well. Their free Web site compares medications in terms of price, effectiveness, and safety.