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What It’s Like To Have A Coronary Artery Stent Put In To Prevent Heart Problems

There are many reasons your doctor may recommend a heart stent. In my case, I had a sore jaw and I noticed that my hand was twitching and was struggling to do what I needed it to do. I had a coronary stent procedure that opened up -- and kept open -- the narrowed places in my heart artery. Here's what I've learned after having a heart stent put in a few years ago, plus what it was like to have an angiogram and angioplasty.

My Lyme Disease Recovery: What It’s Like Living With Lyme Disease In Tennessee (Yes, There Are Ticks In Tennessee!)

I've been living with Lyme Disease in Tennessee for years now. Here's my story -- how I got Lyme Disease from a tick bite and the Lyme Disease rash that followed. Plus, a little about the Lyme Disease movie that had a huge impact on me, a list of people in Nashville Tennessee with Lyme Disease, and a little about Lyme Disease doctors in Nashville Tennessee.