Acupuncture Benefits: Advantages & Disadvantages Of Acupuncture Treatments For You And Your Pets

Acupuncture benefits those of us who prefer a holistic approach to medical issues. We live in an over-medicated society and sometimes alternative approaches (like an acupuncture treatment or two) are a better option than prescriptions. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of acupuncture therapy. Does your dog or cat have aches and pains? See how acupuncture can help your pets, too!


Photos + Tips For Getting Through Melanoma Skin Cancer Surgery And Recovery

Ever had to consider a sin cancer treatment plan? We have. After Jim was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, the next step was to decide on a surgeon in order to get those lymph nodes biopsied right away and determine whether cancer had spread or not. All of this happened rather quickly over the next 2 months. Here’s what it was like for Jim (and me) and how things are today.