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My family rarely gets sick with cold or flu. We use this garlic & honey cold remedy anytime we start to feel sick. See the health benefits of garlic & honey

If you've ever suffered from clogged ears, you know uncomfortable it can be. Here's how to clear a clogged ear naturally yourself without going to a doctor.

To help other women in the same boat as me, I did a lot of research - before and after my full hysterectomy - and took lots of notes detailing exactly what my experience was like.

A low carb diet like the Atkins Diet one of the easiest, most effective ways to lose weight fast. Here are the low carb foods we eat, plus low carb recipes!

Here are the easiest ways to reduce sodium intake. photo by DaGoaty on Flickr

Salt is difficult to avoid - especially since manufacturers add it to most foods to improve the taste. Here's how to modify your eating habits just a little bit & drastically reduce your salt intake.

Check out these 5 natural remedies for the common cold: onions, zinc, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and garlic. Here's how and why each works to prevent colds and heal your body faster after you have a cold.

Whenever I'm on the road, or when I want to slip out of the office during lunchtime for something other than the cheese and hotdogs that I normally take for lunch (while I'm on this Low-Carb 'diet')... I like to know my options going in. Do you know what the Low-Carb choices are at fast-food restaurants these days? Here's what I found...