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After a painful fall with no broken bones, should you see a chiropractor or go to the ER? Here's the best treatment after a fall and how to get relief fast.

A chiropractor explains what your first chiropractic visit will be like, the average chiropractor visit cost, and what a chiropractor does when you visit their office.

Got neck pain? My favorite thing about going to a chiropractor is the neck adjustment (neck twist). Then I heard about the dangers of neck manipulation. What I've learned...

My chiropractor's tips for keeping your spine in alignment with stretches & pillows, doing muscle stretches for lower back pain, and using ice & heat for neck pain & back pain.

I absolutely love my microwave heating pad. It works for all of my aches and pains. My favorite is the large sectioned microwave heating pack from Thermal-Aid. Here's why...

I've found a number of neck stretches that really work for me to alleviate the tense pressure in my neck that builds up after spending time at the computer. This neck pain that usually lingers into the night. The following neck stretches are some of the same ones that the chiropractor and physical therapist recommended to me. They really work!

Looking for neck pain treatment? You'll be thrilled to learn that neck pain relief is right at your fingertips, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do these neck stretches... that REALLY work!

I was actually very, very VERY skeptical of chiropractors at first. But, after visiting a chiropractor for nearly 2 years now, I'm now singing the praises of chiropractic care. Here's why.