Specific Health Conditions

Do you have a ganglion cyst? I do. I've had one for years - it comes & goes. No treatment is necessary but here's what you should know about Ganglion cysts, optional ganglion cyst treatment, and ganglion cyst removal.

My chiropractor's tips for keeping your spine in alignment with stretches & pillows, doing muscle stretches for lower back pain, and using ice & heat for neck pain & back pain.

A number of helpful essential oils for ears listed here. See why I chose Basil, Helichrysum & Cajeput as the top 3 for earaches, hearing loss & ringing ears

What do exercise, meditation & reading have in common? I've found them all to be great when dealing with anxiety. Plus 4 more natural ways to treat anxiety.

Tired of allergies and OTC medications? Incorporate these natural allergy remedies into your life - from neti pots to steam baths. You'll finally get relief

Frequently constipated? Feel bloated & gassy? Here are 4 ways to get constipation relief... naturally. The fastest one: raise your knees!

Avoid Pollen

I have a pollen allergy. If you do too, then you'll appreciate these 5 simple things you can do to avoid pollen - inside and outside of your home.

Got a cold during the holidays? It may be Christmas tree allergies! What you need to know about tree mold BEFORE you bring a Christmas tree into your home.

Many who are suffering from fatigue & muscle pain are quick to assume they've got fibromyalgia. 5 other illnesses have the same symptoms. Here's how to tell