5 Ways Taking Improv Comedy Classes Helped Me With Stress, Relationships, And PTSD (Yes, Really!)

Yes, I have something in common with some very famous SNL comedians. I took an improv comedy class – just like they did at the beginning of their careers. Trust me, if I can do it so can you. Here is my personal experience taking an improv comedy class, how it taught me that laughter really is the best therapy, and some of the specific health benefits I continue to enjoy long after I graduated from my first improv class. Here’s what it’s like…

getting a colonoscopy

Getting a Colonoscopy – My Experience

Getting a colonoscopy wasn’t all peaches and cream (I couldn’t even eat those when I was prepping for the exam), but with cancer throughout my family, I gained peace of mind, all while losing a few pounds in the process.

Funny Fart Stuff & Humor About Passing Gas

Everything you ever wanted to know about farting, passing gas, breaking wind, and letting out farts… plus some ingenious products for people with flatulence problems… and lots of down & dirty humor about passing gas.

Germs & Bacteria… How Paranoid Are You?

Are you fearful of germs and bacteria? Do you take extra precautions in order to avoid the spread of germs in your own family? Here are some interesting things you can do to prevent contamination.

Cancer Giggles: Using Humor When Living With Cancer

I am intrigued whenever I hear another first-person story of someone’s life with cancer, including their coping mechanisms, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, and the ultimate realities of struggling to survive this battle with something called ‘cancer’. Most of all, I appreciate when people are able to maintain their sense of humor through it all.

Low-Carb Atkins-Friendly Foods Are Everywhere!

Eating low carb diet foods has been a trend for awhile now and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It used to be said that if you eat Atkins food you were destined to lose weight quickly, but in reality, choosing low carb foods has long-term health benefits. I’m sharing my tips to achieve long-term health goals by eating low carb.