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Laughter is the best therapy - seriously. If you're looking to get a little laughter therapy in your life, you should take improv comedy classes like I did! At first I felt WAY out of my comfort zone, but the health benefits I gained and continue to enjoy are the reasons I'm glad I took an improv class! Here's what it's like.

When we want to drop a few pounds fast, we do Keto / Atkins. We've found 10 low carb snacks & desserts that make the dieting process easier... and more FUN!

weird facts body

If you like weird facts as much as I do, then you'll appreciate these 5 human body facts that are almost too strange to believe. Trust me, they're true!

getting a colonoscopy

Getting a colonoscopy wasn't all peaches and cream, but with cancer in my family, I gained peace of mind, while losing a few pounds in the process.

It's fun to think about what makes you happy, compared to what you think would make your partner happy. I found some of the 'men' ones interesting...

With the recent release of the study that found 'car steering wheels carry more than twice as many germs as a toilet seat,' I feel compelled to share my thoughts about toilet seats... They're really not that dirty!

Everything you ever wanted to know about farting, passing gas, breaking wind, and letting out farts... plus some ingenious products for people with flatulence problems... and lots of down & dirty humor about passing gas.

Are you fearful of germs and bacteria? Do you take extra precautions in order to avoid the spread of germs in your own family? Here are some interesting things you can do to prevent contamination.

I am intrigued whenever I hear another first-person story of someone's life with cancer, including their coping mechanisms, the highs and lows, the ups and downs, and the ultimate realities of struggling to survive this battle with something called 'cancer'. Most of all, I appreciate when people are able to maintain their sense of humor through it all.