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Laughter is the best therapy - seriously. If you're looking to get a little laughter therapy in your life, you should take improv comedy classes like I did! At first I felt WAY out of my comfort zone, but the health benefits I gained and continue to enjoy are the reasons I'm glad I took an improv class! Here's what it's like.

Wondering about Vitamin C overdose? How much is too much Vitamin C? Here's the Vitamin C dosage info + The signs and symptoms of taking high doses of Vitamin C.

How do you choose the right addiction treatment? Consider the abused substance, length of time of abuse, legal issues, and other factors before deciding which addiction treatment center is right for you.

Have a loved one in need of a family intervention for alcohol or drug abuse? I've been there. Here's my experience with how an addition intervention works - so you'll have a better idea of what to expect.

What boosts your mood, lowers your stress, benefits your health, and is FREE & available to anyone? These are benefits of meditation & reasons to meditate daily

Anyone can fall victim to prescription drug abuse without even realizing it... I did! I'm proof these tips will get you through prescription drug addiction.